About Abby & Tiff

About Abby & Tiff

How it all started…

Guests often ask us “How did Abbey del Sol come to be?” If you’d asked us back in 2002, “What do you see yourself doing in fifteen years?” running a vacation rental business in Mexico wouldn’t have been on the list. In fact, Mexico wasn’t on our list. And we’d never heard of Puerto Morelos.

In the winter of 2003 friends suggested we rent their vacation home in Mexico. “Where in Mexico?” Abby asked. “Oh, south of Cancun.” Abby’s answer was the same as many of our guests, “Cancun! Can’t stand Cancun.” “Oh no,” our friend said, “Puerto Morelos isn’t like Cancun at all. You’ve got to try it.” So we did.

It is amazing where a simple “yes” can lead you. We arrived in Puerto Morelos and fell in love with the quaint little town. Five days into the vacation, Tiff was looking for a retirement home to buy, and before we left town we had bought La Buena Vida Suites (formerly Abbey del Sol One) with only the idea of having a comfy place to retire. That was our fork in the road.

For the first two years we rolled along, happily renting our two upstairs apartments to friends and family. Abby, being Abby, started remodeling and redecorating. Tiff and Jin got the idea to add an apartment above Jin’s house. Four years down the road we found our three apartments full all the time. Other property owners in town took notice of our success and asked whether we would consider managing their properties. Casa Ricardo and Casa Anita became part of the Abbey del Sol collection and were soon booking up as well.

In 2007 the owners of a boutique hotel just down the street asked if we would manage their property. We said “No, but we’ll buy it.”  Abby and Jin “Abbeyized” the property, which became Abbey del Sol Two, (now just Abbey del Sol.)

Oh, and that retirement plan? Tiff retired in January 2010 and gets to spend more time enjoying the Caribbean warmth. Abby helps manage our ever growing staff and still finds time to globetrot with Tiff. That fork in the road has led to our busy “retirement.” We love sharing it with the many friends who have come our way. And the name? Tiff insisted on “Abbey,” and “sol,” the sun, is about the warmth of everything you’ll find here.