About Our Staff

  • Nancy Bermudez Olin – General Manager

    As general manager, Nancy is a big part of the reason things here run so smoothly. Originally from Mexico City, she lived in the US for 16 years.She and her sons have been in this area since 2010, and she’s been with us at Abbey del Sol since 2013. Nancy, Jin, and Abbey are responsible for property updates and redecorating. And when she’s not taking care of the property and our guests she applies her boundless energies to swimming competitively and doing triathlons.

  • Efrain (Jin) Ceballos Cuevas – Operations Manager

    Starting as a gardener in 2003, Jin has been key to the successful company Abbey del Sol has become. His excellent English has made him a great resource for guests, and in addition to all the work he does on the property — he is the part of renovating/decorating team along with Nancy and Abby and owns his own transportation business. He is a dear friend and his commitment to the business and pride in his work have made him a great partner.

  • Milko Righetto – Owner: Righetto Vacation Rentals

    Milko, originally from Italy, joins the Abbey team as owner of three of the properties we manage. Building on skills he honed in years as a hotel manager, Milko acts as concierge for his three properties. He is personally committed to helping guests have a great vacation, and you will frequently see him helping in the office.

  • Marcela Rojas – Reservations Manager

    Marcela studied hotel administration in her native Chile and has been a guest services supervisor, chief concierge and front desk manager. Friendly and positive, Marcela can help address almost any need. She loves travel, singing and dancing, shoes, dogs, reading, family, and more.

  • Mariela Lopez Cruz – Office Assistant

    Mariela’s excellent English, a great smile and desire to offer great customer service has made her a valuable addition to the staff since January 2017. On her day off she enjoys a long walk with her children and dogs.

  • Yadira Esponda Rodríguez – Housekeeping Manager

    Our Lead Housekeeper comes to us from Tabasco, Mexico. Her long experience in large hotels has helped our cleaning staff do a more thorough and efficient job than ever before. Yadira is a very talented towel sculptor, and when she and Vicky have time they will add a swan or other towel sculpture to a cleaned unit. She is a mother of four, ranging from age 8 to 21. She speaks little English but her smile says a lot.

  • Victoria (Vicky) Enfante Reyes – Housekeeping

    Originally from Mexico City, Vicky joins Yadira on the housekeeping team.She lived in Atlanta for five years and Miami for two, is working on her English, and loves to practice. A mother of four, Vicky is a tornado of energy and brightens any room.

  • Oscar Arturo Ek Poot – Electrician/Plumber & Maintenance

    Oscar is a trained plumber and electrician and keeps our plumbing and electrical systems in tiptop shape. He is seems to be able to solve any problem, and his hard work makes it look easy. He is devoted to his family, and making Abbey del Sol guests happy makes Oscar happy.

  • Victor Hugo Esquivel – Pool & Gardens

    Hugo knows our pool and mechanical systems like the back of his hand and keeps them running smoothly. He is also responsible for our lush gardens and grounds. Hugo has been with us for many years, and in addition to keeping Abbey del Sol humming he is devoted to his family and his church.

  • Sergio Esquivel Ceballos – Gardener & Nightwatchman

    Sergio, Hugo’s son, works with us part time as either a gardener or night watchman. He is new to our business but eager to learn.