We recommend two places to buy jewelry and other interesting things in town.  Both owners are friends of ours and will treat you well. 

The Godfather is owned by our friend Ruben.  His shop is located half a block from the town square on Av. Rojo Gomez, on the right side as you walk north (the beach to your right). Ruben’s family is from the city of Taxco in the state of Guerrero and they have been making jewelry since 1970.  The jewelry he displays is 100% from his family’s business.  He uses good quality materials and will tell you exactly how much silver is used in each item.  He won’t sell you cheap stuff and pretend it is something else and his offers fair prices.  Ruben speaks English and he and his wife are wonderful people.  You will enjoy a visit to his store.  All the silver jewelry Abby wears is from his store.



Angelica’s Shop is the third shop as you walk down the row of Artisan Market shops, on the right, 2 blocks south of the town square.  It is the block long wood and tin roof structure  with many shops and interesting items to see.  Angelica’s family has been making jewelry for many decades.  They use real silver, the best quality in town.  She also carries other unique items no one else in town carries: 1. hand loom woven bed spreads from Oaxaca made by her extended family, 2. hand blown and hand painted glass ware, 3. “Painting with Leaves” silk scarves dyed with natural leaves, grasses and flowers from the wild areas of Puerto Morelos, hand made by Angelica.  She is a dear friend, very connected to nature and the land.  She doesn’t speak English but one of her son’s should be there and will be happy to help you.