Some new art for Casa Mulder and the Villa at La Buena Vida

On a tour to a cenote 90 minutes inland we stumbled across a wonderful artist, Javier Cachon, located in Valladolid Nuevo, pone 998-244-4490.  Two paintings with Mayan themes, one in the hallway at the Villa at Buena Vida and one in the living room at Casa Mulder.  Another colorful canvas will hang in the master bedroom at the Villa and another in apartment #10 at Abbey del Sol._DSC0001_DSC0008Above is the TV/Living Room at Casa Mulder and below the second sofa in the hallway at the Villa in La Buena Vida


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Robin from Layla Guest house took us on an amazing day trip to visit the breathtaking Kalak Ha cenote.  Only recently opened to visitors this stunning cave cenote is definitely worth the trip.  Just 90 minutes from Puerto Morelos heading toward Merida.



Just a short drive from the highway to where we unload and walk a few minutes to the opening of the cave.  Robin and our guide are showing us the way._DSC0008_1024x685cenote Kalak 1_1024x765 _DSC0044_1024x685Ken and Audrey, the new owner’s of La Buena Visa Suites (formally Abbey del Sol One) were just wowed along with the rest of us.  It was such a cool, refreshing swim in the crystal clear water.  Then a walk through the jungle being show the native flowers and plants that grow in this area.

_DSC0057_1024x685_DSC0069_1024x685Then a walk through an amazing cave before we have a delicious, authentic Mayan lunch at a local families home.

_DSC0016_1024x685 _DSC0082_1024x685

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Enjoying the apartment #9 private patio at Abbey del Sol

Greg, Jim and Mimi are hanging out enjoying the apartment #9 private patio on a sweet day in March 2012.  Jim, Greg and his wife Julie (Mimi couldn’t make it this year) are back again this year for their fifth time at Abbey del Sol.  Abby and Tiff first met Greg and Julie here in Puerto Morelos even though they are from Stillwater, MN, a suburb of the Twin Cities were they are from.  You meet the greatest people at Abbey del Sol!GREG JIMMY MIMI ADS 2012

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New Name for Abbey One – La Buena Vida Suites

Ken and Audrey Ohlsson, the new owners of what was formally called Abbey del Sol One have decided on a new name for their property – La Buena Vida Suites (The Good Life.)  What used to be Abbey del Sol Two, where the office is, is now simply Abbey del Sol.  Apartment numbering maybe a little confusing because #1 through #4 are still at La Buena Vida Suites and the Abbey del Sol property numbers start at #5, ending at #12.  #4 is now The Villa.  We’ve decided to keep the numbering the same for now since we have so many return guests who are used to staying in a certain apartment number.

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Yoga on the Roof

YOGA ON THE ROOF WITH KAREN – Stretch yoga for everyone starting Tuesday, Dec 24, then every Tues, Thurs and Sat, 8:15 to 9:15. We have mats. $10usd or $100p. The roof of Abbey del Sol Two (where the office is.) Day before notice if you will be attending would be appreciated. Come and enjoy some exercise, in the shade, enjoying the breeze.

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Joining the Team

Ohlsson portraitFor all of you regular mid March guests at Abbey Two you may recognize these two familiar faces, Ken and Audrey Ohlsson from White Rock, BC whom we have affectionately referred to as the Crazy Canuks in previous posts. We are proud to announce a new business partnership between Tiff and Abby and Ken and Audrey now that the Ohlsson’s are the happy new owners of the Abbey del Sol One property. Not to worry everyone, our business won’t change except to get better and better. Ken brings his very successful business experience to the table and Audrey is the internet marketing wiz. Look to her Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other online sources for more about the business as it grows. Tiff and I are so pleased; we couldn’t have found a better couple to add to the family. Ken and Audrey really understand the “Home” team spirit of our business. Here is to a great future for Abbey del Sol!

And who would have thought that the fun and fabulous group that was with us beginning in March of 2009 would be the joining our business today.  You just never know what the future has in store so treat every day like St Patty’s Day on the beach:

Ohlsson St Pattys day Ohlsson Audrey 2013 2_337x600 Ohlsson 2013

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Delicious Christmas Dinner

_DSC0010 (2) Christmas dinner_914x1200





Come and enjoy a delicious dinner, either Christmas Eve or  Day, at our manager’s family’s restaurant. Please make a reservation.

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New Restaurant opens in Puerto Morelos

In November our manager, Efrain (Jin) Ceballos, and his brothers Andres and Freddy, opened a fabulous new restaurant, El Sabor de Mexico, on the main boulevard of our adorable little town. Charming decor and great tasting food with the flavors of Oaxaca, the foodie state of Mexico. Stop and give “The Taste of Mexico” a try. Authentic Oaxacan hot chocolate and spicy Molé sauce just to name two.

_DSC0005 (2)

El Sabor staff

_DSC0010 (2)

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Fabulous new photos of Casa Anita coming soon

Thank you to Michael Maurus, the very talented photographer in Puerto Morelos, for his fabulous new photos of Casa Anita. Here is a teaser of just two of them. More coming soon and they will be uploaded to our website as soon as our web guy has time. Michael will also be doing new photos of Abbey del Sol One and, next summer, after the high season and we get some more renovations done, Abbey del Sol Two.CA extr


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Welcome to a old friend in a new role

Many of you will recognize our new, part-time office staff, Fernando Mendoza.  Fernando lives in the little house next to the Abbey Two back building that has been affectionately called “Abbey Tres” for many years since guests occasionally stumble into his front yard looking for Abbey del Sol.  Fernando has lived in our town and the Cancun area for over 30 years.  He is a gifted massage therapists that Abby sees regularly when she is in town.

In October we asked him if he would be willing to join the staff as a office fill-in for Nancy when she goes to lunch or has her day off.  Since he is so familiar with the town and area and speaks excellent English he has been a welcome addition to our staff.


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