New Chef at The Little Mexican Cooking School

Since so many of our guests LOVE the day long cooking class at The Little Mexican Cooking School I wanted to introduce the new Chef, Alfonso Lopez de Alba. Alfonso’s first lesson was his favorite Oaxacan menu, with an awesome mole dish assembled like Lasagne. He is busy writing up new menus for the winter’s classes. Even if you have been to the School before you should go again. Alfonso is a whole new view of Mexican cuisine. Chef Pablo, the former chef, can be found at his restaurant next to the bookstore, El Nicho, with all his wonderful flavors and dishes.

Catriona Brown, the owner of the school, and her new chef, Alfonso.

Catriona Brown, the owner of the school, and her new chef, Alfonso.

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New spruced up back yard at Abbey del Sol One

We added the pretty paving blocks to the back patio at Abbey One. No matter what we did we just couldn’t get the grass to grow. It is much easier to walk on and keep clean now. Jin is busy figuring out the flowers and plants to add. We’ll have some professional photos taken in a few weeks._DSC0017




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Fresh and Relaxing new decor in Abbey del Sol One apartment #3

See the post below for the new look in apartments #1 and #2. Here are my (not so great) photos of #3. _DSC0007The color is greener and the fabric is a lighter brown on the bed runner but at least you get the idea. It looks so nice and modern now.


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Fresh and Update Abbey del Sol apartments #1 & #2



Thanks to our talented friend and interior decorator, Ivonne Rebollar, we now have fresh and updated second floor apartments at Abbey del Sol One. We added extra counter space with an electrically dispensed bottled water mechanism underneath; a new sofa bed and a new side reading chair is coming soon. #3, the cute studio also on the second floor, has also been redecorated in a nice green, photos to follow. The back patio has also been redone, photos to follow. All of you Abbey One Regular Guests…ENJOY!

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It’s that time of year again!

Every autumn, when the town is so quiet and we are dodging the tropical storms, we start the freshening up of our properties.  This year Abbey del Sol One will get refurbished second floor apartments so those of you who are regulars in #1, #2 or #3, you will find some appreciated upgrades.  I will post photos once it is all done.  Ivonne Rebollar who is the talented decorator who did Casa Juanita for us is coming up with a new, updated color scheme, new sleeper sofas, refurnished wood furniture, better wall décor, and new flat screen TVs.

In Abbey del Sol Two there will also be some fun changes.  Most of the apartments will have flat screen TV’s.  There will be some new décor and in #9, new kitchen cabinets.  Check back in late October for new photos.

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Comfy new lounge chair cushions for Abbey One and Abbey Two

We have installed custom made lounge chair cushions made from a much more durable and waterproof foam that is much more comfortable to sit on than our old ones, and they won’t flatten out so quickly over time.A2 lounger cushions

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New flat screen TV’s

We are gradually working our way through the Abbey Two apartments and upgrading the TV’s to 40″ flat screens. So far we have #9, 10 and 11 upgraded. We hope to have the other 3 apartments upgraded by this high season. Casa Anita, Ricardo and Mulder already have flat screens.A2 Jul2013 018_800x536

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New side walk in the back of Abbey Two

A2 back str 1 A2 back strJin decided the trees in the back of Abbey 2 were getting too big, breaking up the side walk and interfering with the power wires so – poof – they are gone and we have a new side walk! This should get more light into #9’s living room and sun in the courtyard for sunbathing.

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Two Town Blog’s that keep you up on what’s going on in town

Check out these two blogs:
Catronia at The Little Mexican Cooking School and Casa Caribe B&B has a long list of interesting photos and captions that tells the story of what’s been happening in town.

Rob at Alma Libre Bookstore is also someone who works hard to keep us informed and up to date.

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Fun times with Good Friends

Abby Odes at beach bar 2013

John Ode at La Choza

Odes 2013Our dear friends from Minnesota, John and Kristin Ode (Abby’s known Kristin since 8th grade) come down every winter to create fun and havoc for us. They even got Abby to the beach one day to sit under the shade at the remodeled beach bar now called UNICO. We went to eat at lots of yummy restaurants (John is displaying his kabob at La Choza) and had lots of fun. One of the things Tiff and Abby love the most about owning Abbey del Sol is all the friends, old and new, they get to share Paradise with.

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