Comfy new lounge chair cushions for Abbey One and Abbey Two

We have installed custom made lounge chair cushions made from a much more durable and waterproof foam that is much more comfortable to sit on than our old ones, and they won’t flatten out so quickly over time.A2 lounger cushions

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New flat screen TV’s

We are gradually working our way through the Abbey Two apartments and upgrading the TV’s to 40″ flat screens. So far we have #9, 10 and 11 upgraded. We hope to have the other 3 apartments upgraded by this high season. Casa Anita, Ricardo and Mulder already have flat screens.A2 Jul2013 018_800x536

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New side walk in the back of Abbey Two

A2 back str 1 A2 back strJin decided the trees in the back of Abbey 2 were getting too big, breaking up the side walk and interfering with the power wires so – poof – they are gone and we have a new side walk! This should get more light into #9′s living room and sun in the courtyard for sunbathing.

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Two Town Blog’s that keep you up on what’s going on in town

Check out these two blogs:
Catronia at The Little Mexican Cooking School and Casa Caribe B&B has a long list of interesting photos and captions that tells the story of what’s been happening in town.

Rob at Alma Libre Bookstore is also someone who works hard to keep us informed and up to date.

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Fun times with Good Friends

Abby Odes at beach bar 2013

John Ode at La Choza

Odes 2013Our dear friends from Minnesota, John and Kristin Ode (Abby’s known Kristin since 8th grade) come down every winter to create fun and havoc for us. They even got Abby to the beach one day to sit under the shade at the remodeled beach bar now called UNICO. We went to eat at lots of yummy restaurants (John is displaying his kabob at La Choza) and had lots of fun. One of the things Tiff and Abby love the most about owning Abbey del Sol is all the friends, old and new, they get to share Paradise with.

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Beautiful sunrise on the beach

Most mornings Tiff and Abby walk the beach as the sun rises. Walking down the boardwalk beach access near our properties this is what the sky looked at. Pure Heaven!

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TAKE OUT TUESDAY – with declious Pollo Pibil (Mexican chicken stew)

Nancy, Angelica and Marina

Angelica is returning again this year with her delicious, homemade Pollo Pibil, a tasty Mexican chicken stew. Every Tuesday from 5:30 to 7:00 in the courtyard of the Abbey 2 office. Helped by Nancy and Marina, our dear friends from Minnesota.

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Wine Tasting Events at Casa Caribe – not to be missed!


Following on the success of the 2012 season The Little Mexican Cooking School and Casa Caribe are pleased to present the 2013 WINE TASTING AND FOOD PAIRING EVENTS.- in conjunction with La Europea and Cordon Bleu School of Gastronomy.

For 7 Friday nights at 6pm for 2 hours the terrace of Casa Caribe will be set for a civilised evening of history and appreciation of wine. “The best fun I had on holiday” and “I have been looking forward to this all year” and “What a fun, interesting night” are typical of the guest’s comments.

Catriona Brown, proprietor, says “In keeping with our tradition of enhancing the food culture of the region, our Wine Tastings offer an accessible, fun and educational experience. Tourists and locals alike more and more look to bring a learning experience home with them – something they can share with friends and family ” .

This year there is a completely different set of wines suggested by the management of La Europea as the best examples of the varieties, students will be able to have rapid home delivery of all the wines offered for tastings. The Little Mexican Cooking School is working with the Cordon Bleu school of Gastronomy who will be providing the wine presenters.

Each class will have at least 5 wines representative of the region or variety and will cover the history, viticulture, production methods and other special information. Each class will have at least 3 different food plates matched to the wines and presented by Chef Cristobal Tamariz.

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 1ST 7pm An Old World New Comer – Spain
Sommelier : Sergio Rossi from Argentina. Tastings of :
VB Lagar de Cervera
VB Marques de Riscal Rueda
VR Monte Castrillo
VT Condado de Haza Crianza
VT Viña Ardanza
with accompanying food tastings by Chef Cristobal Tamariz

followed by
FRIDAY FEBRUARY 15TH 6pm The Elegance of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir
FRIDAY MARCH 1st 6pm Across the Andes to Argentina
FRIDAY MARCH 15TH 6pm Across the Andes to Chile
FRIDAY MARCH 29TH 6pm Understanding French Wine – Bourdeaux, Burgundy, Rhone
FRIDAY APRIL 5TH Another Style in Cabernet and Merlots – Bourdeaux
FRIDAY APRIL 19TH All about Food and Wine Pairing – the stars of food and wine pairing

Enquiries by phone and email Bookings can be made by through Paypal to

350 pesos per class

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We are lucky here in PoMo that we have so many wonderful musicians that come every year to live, play and sing. Enjoy the lovely evening breeze as you listen to listen to the various talents perform.

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Happy New Year Everyone!

Thank you to all of our wonderful guests for helping us have a fantastic 2012. We are looking forward to an even better 2013. Be sure to check out all the fun parties downtown at all the bars tonights. Cheers! Abby, Tiff and the staff.

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