Early Summer – the construction season

Like many people in town Abbey del Sol began renovations and updating on 5 of our properties:

1.  Casa Ricardo – new exterior paint and minor concrete repairs

2.  Casa Anita – A second bathroom is being added off the main bedroom with a door to the pool area as well as into the bedroom.  This will be done by June 15._DSC0035_402x600 _DSC0036_600x402

3.  Casa Juanita – A pool in the front, an expanded patio in the back and a fourth apartment in the right corner of the property.  Photos will be available later in August.

4.  Buena Vida Suites – the old, rusty iron railing on the roof top patio has been replaced with a concrete and PVC combo that looks great.  Due to the rain it hasn’t been painted yet but soon.  The PVC will be painted to look like wood similar to what you see on the left side of the photo._DSC0032_600x402

5.  Abbey del Sol 2 – Huge new laundry and storage room on the second floor.  Now that the old Abbey del Sol 1 has new owners and is renamed La Buena Vida Suites we have separated our laundry and storage process.  We are putting a large, metal sun light fixture on the big blank wall.  The third floor apartment, #11, now has the large patio and #10, the second floor apartment has the smaller one.  Still very nice._DSC0021_1024x685 _DSC0023_1024x685 _DSC0025_1024x685 _DSC0028_1024x685[Above] The new covered patio area in front of #12, our little “over flow” room, will have a table and chairs for the use of #12 so they have a little more room to spread out.  The table and chairs have yet to be purchased.

In the back building we have installed new kitchen cabinets and granite counter tops.  #10 and #11, the second and third floor apartments in the back building now have L shaped kitchen counters.

All the walls have been repainted a soft off-white and new accent color walls in the kitchens and bedrooms.  New curtains are being ordered.  The sofas have all been recovered (again! We have to do it every 3 or 4 years.) Some new art on the walls.  As the summer and fall roll along we hope to find more art.

Michael Maurus, who has done the photography for most of our website, will be taking new photos in August of all the remodeling.  Stay tuned!

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