Michael Maurus’ photos of updated apartment #8

a2-5-08_2016-8We have also updated apartment #8, right by the pool.  Lovely new kitchen with many more cabinets and granite counter top.  A new table and chairs.  The bathroom has all new tile walls and floor and a new tropical wood vanity with a granite counter top.  Wonderful new space.a2-8-08_2016-1a2-8-08_2016-6

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Michael Maurus’ photographs of the improved apartment #5

So here we have the lovely new photos of #5.  Nancy did a great job with the decor and adding that colorful Mexican touch.  A new fridge installed.  Lovely tropical wood cabinets and granite counter tops.  In the living room we’ve added a nice comfy reading chair.  The wood door leading into your private courtyard has also been rebuilt.  The bathroom has all new tiled walls and floor.  The vanity is all new with a granite counter top and a lovely new mirror.  We added a new closet and bureau in the bedroom.a2-5-08_2016-3 a2-5-08_2016-5 a2-5-08_2016-8 a2-5-08_2016-12a2-5-08_2016-6

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Watch for the Pro photos of our new kitchens and bathrooms!

In 2 weeks we should be able to post the new, pro photos of apartments #5, 7, 8, 9 and 12 at Abbey del Sol.  We are just waiting for the final decor items, new kitchen chairs and finishing touches all around.  For now here are some cell phone naps just to wet your appetite.  Expanded granite counters, new cabinets, new layout.

#5 – all new, larger kitchen.  We made the archway into the bedroom a little smaller so we could move the fridge to that wall.  We got rid of the table and made a breakfast bar instead.  The big square reading chair is being replaced with a much more comfortable one.  Big closet now in the bedroom.  All new tiled bathroom, walls and floors, and lovely new vanity.

#7 – will be getting a new bathroom vanity and one tiled wall.  The living room and kitchen already have the granite counter top island.  Next year we plan to upgrade the wall cabinets and add the granite counter tops there.

#8 – The kitchen now spans the whole back wall with new cabinets and granite counter tops.  A wood table and 2 chairs will replace the credenza that was there before.  Also adding a reading chair.  All new bathroom similar to #5’s.

#9 – The kitchen counter is now L-shaped so more room to cook.  We closed off the closet behind the sofa and now that wall has more space for the sofa.  The closet is accessed from outside, we needed it for maintenance storage.  You have a newly tiled bathroom, walls and floors, and a brand new vanity.

#12 – the bathroom had some leaks fixed and retiled shower and new vanity.

Here are some quick photos of #5.  I included a photo of the new chair Nancy and I found at Liverpool in Cancun.  Natalie painted the art for over the sofa but it isn’t hung up yet.  I apologize for how bad these photos are, I snapped them fast as I was walking by heading to the airport.  We had a VERY busy 2 weeks.


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Changes at La Buena Vida Suites

Fun things coming to La Buena Vida Suites also (formally Abbey One:)

PRIVACY WALL BETWEEN APARTMENT #1 AND #2:  A great idea will be implemented this fall, a privacy wall will be built between apartment #1 and #2, the ones that share the big balcony.  Don’t know why we didn’t think of that before!  That is one of the great things about new owners of the properties, all sorts of new ideas come flowing in.

THE POOL IS BEING REBUILT:  For many of our regulars you will have noticed that the pool tile, now 14 years old, is in need of attention. The cute little table and stools in the shallow part of the pool are falling apartment.  The pool will be drained mid August then re-tiled and grouted and the table and stools rebuilt.  The pool deck will be upgraded with some new materials.  Should be done by early September.

NEW KITCHEN CABINETS IN #3: You will find a new kitchen cabinets and granite counter top in #3, the large studio on the second floor.

Stay tuned for other fun changes coming your way.

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Fun new changes coming your way!

Every summer Jin, Nancy and Abby get all excited about updating, renovating, redecoration and planning new fun ways to make your stay at Abbey del Sol even better.

UPDATED WIRING:  You may have noticed on the calendar that the Abbey del Sol building (where the office is) is blocked out for all of May.  We are completely rewiring the two buildings to bring then up to code.  So you will see nice new outlets and switches and hopefully our light bulbs will last longer!  The power surges in Mexico are always a challenge.

NEW KITCHENS:  We are renovating the kitchens in the ground floor apartments in the front building, apts 5 and 8, and adding an L counter to the kitchen in #9 (ground floor of the back building.)  All granite counters.  #5, the large studio by the office is the biggest change.  Watch for the new photos in June.  It will be quite a nice surprise for our regulars.  You will actually have enough kitchen to cook in!

NEW BATHROOMS:  The front building will also get new bathrooms.  All tile walls and floors in a new, marble looking tile in a soothing off white.  New vanities and granite counter tops.

Minor changes to the bathroom in the little hotel room, #12.  Next summer we are redoing the bathroom in #9 and probably putting in a whole new tile floor in the whole apartment.

CASA RICARDO:  As you may know the new owners of Casa Ricardo (bought a year ago) are planning on a complete renovation and remodeling of the house.  The owner is currently getting bids on the project designed by an architect.  The scale of the project will be determined by the final price tag but we expect it will make the wonderful house into a fabulous house!

And, as usual, Milko is always planning upgrades to his 3 properties, Juanita, Izamal and Primavera.  La Buena Vida Suites has a new one bedroom apartment that went into service last fall.  Called #4 it is where Jin used to live.  Now a very nice, well appointed apartment with a patio door out onto the garden area.  Check out the photos on our website.  http://bookings.abbeydelsol.com/Unit/Details/100652

We will be posting new photos in late June.  Looking forward to seeing all our regulars next winter along with all the new guests that are booking with us all year long.

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Talented Artist adds her bright light to Abbey del Sol

Natalie painting butterflies (2)WP_20160402_08_07_06_Pro_1680x945We are very lucky to have a very talented artist connected to Abbey del Sol. Jin’s girlfriend, Natalie Walczuch, from the Ukraine, has been adding art to the walls at Abbey del Sol. Also paintings for some of the properties. Here are the lovely Mariposas (butterflies) she added to our wall by the office, gorgeous wall paintings to highlight our yoga roof space and 3 paintings she did from some photos for the wall of one of the bedrooms at Casa Anita.  She also brightened up our pig and turned the frown into a smile!CA bedroom (2) happy pig

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Our 14th High Season – Let the fun begin!

It is hard to believe that we have been in Puerto Morelos for 14 years now and seriously doing a vacation rental business for the last 11.  Where does the time go?  We have met so many wonderful people (and so many of them come back year after year…Thank you!) and had so many good times.

Some of our favorite times are when our family comes down to visit. This winter we are extra lucky since Tiff’s son, his fiance and her parents are with us for the Christmas week. Then later in March one of our sons and his family will be down.  And if the stars align one of Abby’s sisters and her husband will be down.  And then there are all the really dear friends who we get to see.  Life is good.  And the best wishes for a wonderful 2016!

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Introducing our Happy Pig

Many of our regular guests will remember the colorfully painted ceramic pig that sits by the front office.  We inherited the pig when we bought the property 8 years ago.  It was a sad little pig with a frown on its face.  Well, introducing the magic talents of Natalie, Jin’s girlfriend who is a marvelous painter.  She has repainted the pig and PRESTO… it is a Happy Pig with a smile and a twinkle in its eyes.  He is a Lucky Pig too since we have such a wonderful business and so many amazing people who stay with us.happy pigAnd here is one of my favorite photos of Jin and Natalie. What a great couple!

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Our Beaches are Back!

I am very happy to report that we are finally back to clear water and clean beaches.  The seaweed invasion is GONE!  After a storm there will still be cloudy water and more seaweed on the beach but nothing like we had last winter.  It is back to normal amounts.  Looking forward to a great winter season!

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The Beautiful Blue Water is back!

Thank you to Michael Maurus for this beautiful photo of the beach today, Oct 5, 2015.  This is between Paradise Beach Club and Unico Beach Club on the north end of town near Abbey del Sol properties.  The government is still struggling to get all the seaweed off the beach. Their efforts were shut down by the environmental groups because they were using back hoes to try and remove the seaweed and destroying the beach in the process.  3 or 4 times a week people go and rack, which helps, but it isn’t the long term solution we are all praying for.  Hopefully the new tractor with the rake behind will arrive eventually.Beach Oct 2015 MM

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