Presto … the hammock appears!

If anyone ever has any doubt that magical things happen at Abbey del Sol when our wonderful “family” of guests, who return year after year, put their wishes together with their creative thought, getting a hammock by the pool at Abbey2 is the perfect story.

Yesterday our dear friend and neighbor, Fernando Mendoza, calls me to ask if I could help fine tune a FB post he was writing. He had 2 hammocks he had purchased from an elderly and very needy old woman who came by and knocked on his door and was offering them for sale on FB.

Once we finished editing his post I turned to look at the hammocks and the colors were lovely. One of them clearly needed to go home with me so I purchaed it and walked back to Abbey2 where a number of our “family” was lounging around the pool.

So there I am standing, chatting with the family, standing between two very fine palm trees (that I didn’t see at all) and musing “where should I put this very fine hammock?”

And someone, Kristy, Dennis, Leslie, Loni or Jason (another tribe of crazy Cunuks we adore) said “what about right here?” “Where?” I say (am I slow or what!) “Those two fine palm trees,” they say and, voila! We now have a hammock by the pool at Abbey2.

Shortly thereafter Cathy, who is staying in #9, comes into the office with a glow of happiness on her face. “You got me my hammock!” All she had really wanted was a nice hammock to relax in and #9 doesn’t have a space for it. So, as per usual, “Your wish is our command!”

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