New Palapas to offer shade and comfort

In the Caribbean you will find the “Palapa” grass roofs and awnings on many buildings.  We have added two new awnings to the main Abbey del Sol front building to help shade the second floor bedroom and living room of apartment #7 from the setting sun.  The palapa awnings will also offer more privacy.

Around the main square the town has an added a wonderful improvement by covering the sidewalk seating of restaurants like El Nicho and Amancia’s corner coffee cafe with a large palapa awning.  The sidewalk tables of the Chimichuri and Pappillon restaurants also now have large palapa awnings.  The town has buried all the electric and phone wires around the square so it looks quite nice.  Last winter the town started redoing all the streets and sidewalks and that too is finally done.  The photo below is looking at the corner where Amancia’s coffee shop is.