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Mayan Ruin & Area Tours


The Yucatan Peninsula has more archeological ruins than any other area in the Western Hemispheres – nearly 1200 sites. The sites that you can see during a day trip are listed below. Cancun itself was once a Maya lookout over the Caribbean shores and has remnants of ancient watchtowers and light houses around the city. Our office can help you arrange a tour with a reputable tour company or give you directions on how to drive yourself.

Tulum is 1½ hours south and sits on the cliffs overlooking the sparkling blue Caribbean.

Coba, a site buried in the jungle, is a half hour past Tulum going inland and features the highest, climbable temple in the region.

Ek Balaam, our favorite site, is 2½ hour drive away. It has been restored beautifully and isn’t very crowded. You can climb to the top of the temple and see for miles in every direction.

Chichén Itzá, probably the most famous of the local ruins, is also 2 ½ hours away. There is a huge cenote to visit nearby on your way home. Lunch and a visit to the charming colonial town, Valladolid, is often included.