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Safety Information

Safe and Secure – Puerto Morelos!


Many people traveling to Mexico understandably have questions about safety and security.

Although there are genuine security concerns in some parts of Mexico, (most notably the border areas) these areas are over 1,000 miles from Puerto Morelos! Puerto Morelos is so safe that many single women chose it as their place to live in Mexico.

Since the economy of the area is highly dependent on tourists, both the government and the people go out of their way to insure that tourists have a positive experience.

Tiff and Abby have lived in Puerto Morelos for over 15 years and can attest to how safe and secure the town feels. If you have any questions about security issues please feel free to contact us with your questions.

Some of our guests comments on security:

  • As a single woman, I was apprehensive about coming to Mexico. Puerto Morelos was a pleasant surprise! Everywhere I went, people were friendly and helpful. After two days in Puerto Morelos, my apprehension dissolved. I’m sure that I was just as safe there as I would have been in my own home. ~ Kris K.
  • Since my wife and I hadn’t traveled to Mexico before our trip to Abbey Del Sol, we didn’t know what to expect. Since we were new to international travel, we had heard all of the stories about drug wars and killings. We saw no evidence of this during our trip as we spent the entire time in a small, friendly fishing village. Even with what we heard from the area around us there was no sign of a “drug war” or a “crime wave”. We are now returning for our 4th year at Abbey Del Sol and don’t have any of the fears that we had that first time. ~ Will W.
  • When Abbey asked me to write something about security in Puerto Morelos, I was surprised. I have been traveling there for years and have never thought about security issues. Abbey explained that for people who actually go there, there is no issue but for those who only hear the exaggerated reports from the US media, there is understandable concern. From my perspective, there is absolutely no reason to think twice about safety when planning a visit to Puerto Morelos. ~ Darrell P.