Shopping Day with Jin

We’ve been in business now for over 14 years and it used to be that going shopping was a weekly event, originally done by Tiff and Abby, then Abby and Jin, and, as the business grew, just Jin alone, or, if Tiff and Abby were in Cancun they’d do a stop at Costco or Sam’s.  Nancy and Abby go shopping for the fun stuff, decor items, pretty things to make all the apartments and homes look their best.  Doesn’t feel much like work!  But what Jin has to do feels like work!  As he was loading up the shopping carts with all the paper products I was going “it will never fit in his car”.  Well,needless to say, he is a master at this and it fit just fine.  Luckily we have a lead on a shopping service offered by one of our subcontractors so maybe Jin’s shopping days are over?  And to think when we first met him 16 years ago he didn’t even drive!